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ĶīnaThe 3rd World Internet Conference (WIC) will be held on 16-18 novembris this year in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China.

WIC is the largest and the most influential internet conference in China, hosted annually by the Cyberspace Administration of China and Zhejiang Provincial People’s government. Under the theme ‘Innovation driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All’, this year’s conference will gather more than 1,200 international leading figure from the internet to further facilitate dialogue on internet economy, internet innovation, internet culture, governance in cyber security, global cooperation on the internet.

In order to showcase the latest world Internet technology achievements, expand the influence of Internet as an innovation driver, demonstrate creative contributions of Internet practitioners, and build an all-round exchange platform for innovations, the Release Ceremony for World Leading Internet Technology Achievements will be held at the same period of the conference. The Organizing Committee of the World Internet Conference is inviting submissions for the 2016 World Leading Internet Technology Achievements from business, colleges, research institutions and individuals.

As an active participant of WIC, ChinaEU is thrilled to assist the Committee in the identification and collection of groundbreaking contributions from Europe.

Please find below relative information regarding the ceremony.

Arrangement of the Release Ceremony

1. Pamatinformācija

Laiks: Afternoon of novembris 16

noma: The main venue of WIC

Tēma: Release annual world leading Internet technology achievements

Dalībnieki: Government officials, VIPs, achievement owners, invited media, etc.

2. Arrangement

Release content

World leading Internet technology achievements (including fields that are closely related to the Internet, the same below), such as basic theories, technologies, products and business models

Release Forms

The top 100 shortlisted achievements will be displayed in videos outside of the Conference rooms. Owners of the top 50 will be invited to the Release Ceremony. Each owner of the top 10 will have 5-6 minutes to showcase achievements at the Release Ceremony by video or other means (such as VR, AR, 3D holography, etc.) and also will be awarded the “Memorial Prize for World Leading Internet Technology Achievements”

The Release Ceremony will go live. Achievements will be showcased at the “Light of Internet” Expo of the 3rd World Internet Conference


The achievements will be collected and recommended on the principle of fairness, justice, objectivity and authority.

1) Achievement owners could submit application materials to the Secretariat of the Recommendation Committee for World Leading Internet Technology Achievements of the 3rd World Internet Conference.

2) After a preliminary screening, owners of the shortlisted achievements will be request to submit supplementary materials (such as video, models, etc.) to further elaborate the achievement in a visualized and vivid way.

3) The Recommendation Committee will put forward a tentative list of achievements and submit to the Organizing Committee of the World Internet Conference.

4) The shortlisted world leading Internet technology achievements will be announced at the Release Ceremony.

Detailed Requirements

The Recommendation Committee aims to collect advanced world Internet technology achievements developed from 1 December 2015 to the day of Release Ceremony (including achievements planned to release before or at the Release Ceremony), including basic theories recognized by authoritative organizations, cutting-edge technology and disruptive innovation achievements, the most advanced and most influential product achievements and the most innovative business models.

“Basic theory” refers to key breakthroughs in Internet basic research that clarifies fundamental phenomenon, characteristics, and rules;

“Technology achievement” refers to advanced processes, tools, equipment, facilities, standards, specifications, indicators, and measurement methods applied in Internet;

“Product achievement” refers to commercial goods that are generated in the field of Internet and sold for revenues. They may be tangible or intangible carriers catering for users’ needs;

“Business model” refers to business plans, strategies, procedures, organization structure and implementation mode in all links of the whole process, including resource development, R&D mode, manufacturing mode, marketing system and market circulation.

Deadline for Submission

If you are interested to contribute to the 2016 World Leading Internet Technology Achievements, please signal your interest by writing to president@chinaeu.eu pirms 28 septembris. You will subsequently receive the application form to be filled and to be submitted to the same email address by XIV. Oktobris.

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